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keep me from crying

you are the one who started my scars

she's bittersweet.
19 February
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  • i'll give u a dollar if u tell me what a jabber is.

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.Jenn.Punk.Emo.18.East Brunswick NJ.Bi.
Taken By a Boy.Work Full time at Some Day Care Center.
I'm funky. and Werid. & Nice..The end.

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Me, Myself and I
I'm Werid,I'm Depressed,I have anger problems.
I'm Broken. I have a learning disability. I'm insane. I'm Sane.
I'm fucking cool and funky. I'm different, i dont match my clothes.
i like to stand out. i love wearing pacsun clothes. i like vans and converses.
i love punk.rock. emo. metal. music. some pop and rap is okay i guess.
i like dr suess books and i like to color. i like hearts and sushi
i love wearing pink t shirts and polka dots. yes i have a boyfriend and im still a virgin .i like the names amber , june, candace if they are your names im jealous. ;] and stuff like that..

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care bears.music,flitter,taking picture.pacsun.hoodies.cd players.
monkies.cats.ducks.fall out boy fans.hot boys.hot girls.
kissing both genders.red lobster.cookies,cookie dough,play dough,
sidewalk chalk. my boo. eating.sushi. shaggy hair. polka dots. the colors
pink,teal,brown,lime green. straw berry shortcake. hello kitty.
glam whores. makeup.. eyeliner.. black nail polish. emo boys. boys kissing other boys.the click five. hearts and stars. playing with kids. babysittin
west side story,. watching movies. kissing.. hugging.. making out. anal sex.
being a virgin. aim.. lj.. myspace. making stupid funky screen names.. being funkY! the word scene and rad. and other stuff. too lazy to name

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Taking Back Sunday. Senses fail. The used. From autumn to ashes Matchbook Romance. Midtown. Madison. Saves the day. AFI. Adema. The early November. Twisted Sister. Coheed and Cambria. Jimmy eat world. Chevelle. Dashboard Confessional. Thrice. Green day. The Killers. Something Corporate. Lost prophets. My chemical romance. Mest. Fall out boy. All american rejects. Story of the year. Sublime. From Zero. System of a down. SugarCult. Deftones. Finch. Kittie. Avril Lavigne. Punchline. Prettygirlsmakegraves.new romance. Boys night out. Count the stars. the juliana theory. the ataris. yellowcard. brand new. streetlight. thrice. thursday. bright eyes,three days grace, thornley. papa roach. jet. atreyu. From first to last. A Static Lullaby,Abandoned Pools The Academy is,Allister,And then I turned Seven,Anti-Flag,Atreyu Chronic Future,Dead Poetic,Death Cab for Cutie,Hellogoodbye Hidden in Plain View,House of Heroes Incubus,Letter Kills,the Matches, Motion City Soundtrack,The Prize Fight,The Rocket Summer, Saosin,The Spill Canvas,Straylight Run,The Strokes,Time and Distance,sex pistols,the clash Bikini Kill, Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Metallica,Alkaline Trio, Anti-Flag, Against Me, New Found Glory, Rise Against, Rancid, Flogging Molly,unwritten law,muse Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Beatles,Armor For Sleep, etc.

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, adema, afi, aim, all american rejects, anal sex, bed time stories, bestfriends, bisexuals, black nail polish, blood red, blow pops, boys, boys kissing, boys night out, brand new, bright eyes, cakes, care bears, cats, chinese good, chocolate, clubs, coheed and cambria, colored pencils, converses, cookies, count the stars, cries, dash board confessional, deftones, dummers, east brunswick mall, education, emo, emo boys, emo guys, fall out boy, finch, freehold mall, friend only banners, friends, friends only, friendships, from autumn to ashes, from first to last, from zero, gay rights, girls, girls kissing, glitter, godiva, hearts, heavey metal, hoodies, hookups, hot topic, icon requests, icons, jeep wranglers, jimmy eat world, journals, kissing, kittie, laughing, layouts, livejournal, lost prophets, loud, loud music, love, lust, madison, making out, massages, masterbating, matchbook romance, meeting new people, menlo mall, mest, midnight blue, midtown, moaning, music, oral sex, pacsun, paper, pencils, phone calls, poems, poetry, politics, polka dots, punk, rainbows, rainy days, reading, rock, salads, saves the day, senses fail, sex tips, shaggy hair, shopping, slipknot, smiles, snow, stars, story of the year, strawberry shortcake, sublime, sugarcult, summer, summer love, sushi, system of a down, taking back sunday, talking online, tears, the ataris, the color brown, the color orange, the color pink, the early november, the juliana theory, the used, the word rad, thrice, thursday, twizted sister, vans, volvos, yellowcard